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www.match.com Reviews

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  • Match.com not worth your time(guys) unless...

    If you're a man in your mid to late 30's and you're thinking about a Match profile, understand that most women in your bracket are looking to lock down marriage, kids and security. This is their last stop before toll. They aren't paying to meet someone and "see how it goes". I was constantly getting recommendations to contact women who clearly stated they're looking for someone taller and more financially endowed than me. Even if the woman was 5'3", she couldn't date a man shorter than 5'8". This was very consistent. If you're... More...

    At first I thought I was accepting a discounted membership for a subscription. I quickly learned my membership which I had every intention of cancelling was extended. ($96 TOTAL) I called customer service and was told "Subscription fees are NON refundable!!!" WHAT? VERY SHADY!!! I asked to speak to a supervisor... no surprise ...non available! It seems Marlene, Eralis and Sharalyn were all on break together??? I'm then told to call back within 45 minutes??? Play phone tag...or whatever because Match.Com doesn't return calls. Then after waiting on hold ...I'm... More...
    rec3rd's Picture   rec3rd    2 Comments   Comments
  • Inactive Profile Was Hacked

    After noticing suspicious email activity from Match.com, I.e., "sorry you forgot your password ", "reset password " and "your profile has been approved!" referring to a Match.com profile that has been inactive since July 2014, I began attempting to contact Match by phone. When I was not able to find a contact phone number in which to reach them, I resorted to emailing customer service. The one answer I have received was not helpful and did not seem to take me seriously. Later in the day, while doing some online banking, I discovered $79.21 had posted to my... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    michelew11's Picture   michelew11    1 Comments   Comments
  • match.com blocks accounts and customer service will NOT help

    I've been a loyal paying customer off and on for a few years. I recently was blocked by match.com and am not even able to go onto my account. I called and customer service said my real name and zip code did not match, but yet my birthday and email address matches. He refused to tell me why it was blocked, when it was blocked, and if someone hacked into my account. He told me verbatim, "the company can choose what to tell you and what not to tell you". I then asked if my concerns would be taken care of, and he flatly stated, "I cannot answer that". Paying good... More...
    jessielaine85's Picture   jessielaine85    0 Comments   Comments
  • Match.com dating site scam

    Got charged for the FREE 6 months they guarantee. Had to dispute the charge because customer service was incompetent. Then, had my account blocked. When I inquired as to why, it was terminated. Asked why but was told that their privacy policy prevents them from disclosing account info even if the profile is mine. Strangely, the account is still there and active but, I do not have access to it. Match.com is apparently running my profile without my consent. More...
    Sirgriffith's Picture   Sirgriffith    0 Comments   Comments
  • Refused my refund

    I joined Match.com on 23rd February 2014. I selected the payment of £9.09 over 6 months. I took this to mean it would cost £9.09 every month for 6 months and I'd be entering into a 6 month contract. It only says in small print at the bottom of the page that I would be entering into an automatic renewal. It again says it in small print at the bottom of the page (not very noticeable) it also states how I can cancel my renal (which is incorrect) When I had not been using match.com very much I logged in to just check my account details. Since it has... More...
    Sjdunn1990's Picture   Sjdunn1990    1 Comments   Comments
  • no help

    Twice I spoke with your agents regarding my issues and twice nothing was done. I honestly think they don't even have a grip on what I was requesting as neither spoke English well. #1 purchased match pro questionnaire and the questions were inane and already included in my well written profile. $39.95 for that? No, I don't think so. #2 I am told that I "liked" 88 profiles, when in fact I did not! I needed them to be taken off but got no results. Some of these men, I'd never even look at let alone "like" I want them taken off...no help. All in all,... More...
  • scammed by match.com

    Was billed twice against my credit card for service that was discontinued after a day. Citi Card was advised that per match.com the service was provided, even though I forwarded to them a letter from match.com stating the service was discontinued. Here is how these scammers operate: once you subscribe, you are automatically signed up for your account to automatically renew. If you cancel your account (for which you don't get a refund), they discontinue your account immediately, regardless of how many months for which you have paid. And as to why I was billed twice, there was no... More...
  • Match.com Will Rip You Off

    Like many others who have been "swindled" out of their money and posted on this site, I too was a victim of Match.com's unfair and deceptive business practices. They "refresh" the website and don't retain user settings, including auto-pay settings. I chose to not auto-renew and there was a convenient refresh the week of subscription running out, and my card was charged anyways. When I called the same day they took my money anyways they refused to refund my money. It's like getting sucked into a creepy cult that siphons your money and won't let... More...
  • Match.com email harassment

    I cancelled my match.com account months ago. Afterwards, I would still receive numerous emails about rejoining, and whenever someone expressed interest in me. So two weeks ago, I logged in and unchecked every single box in my mail preferences section, which means I should not receive any emails. It's quite a hassle to even get to account preferences because you need to have cookies enabled for them to allow you access to your preferences. Anyways, I am still receiving emails from Match and it's driving me crazy. I want to sue them. They will not leave me alone. More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    Pcorys's Picture   Pcorys    4 Comments   Comments
  • Betty_k84 customer number

    I tried to cancel my account ages ago, I send kind of email which they providing on website asking for deactivation. There was no reply. Few months later I realised that they are keep charging me £40 a month. I call them on the same day when they took the payment I have been told that they know that I haven't use my account but they can not do refund. When I complained why nobody contact me regarding my account the answer was that my e-mail address is block witch them. They really make me angry I said that I want to immediately cancel my account since then I keep receiving... More...
    (Legal Services)
    Betty1984's Picture   Betty1984    1 Comments   Comments
  • Account terminated over bad date

    I found out today that my Match.com account has been terminated from a complaint that I got from someone that I went out on a date with this past weekend. The date was terrible and didnt end well. She spent hours over the past day sending me all kinds of hate messages via text. She also stated in her texts that she would file a complaint with my work and one with Match and would have her friends do the same. Nothing was said over Match that could be viewed as threatening, harassing, etc. What recourse do I have? How can someone that is vindictive go on a bad date and then just get... More...
  • Unable to log-on

    I just subscribed the 3 month- package as a user with mach.com less than 2 weeks ago. I have been receiving e-mails from match.com notifying me that who has winked at me or e-mailed me to my personal email. When I clicked on the "reply", It automatically logged me in my acount. However, today the e-mails do not link to my account anymore. I tried to sign-in with the same e-mail as my user ID. It says, match.com does not have this email account. I paid the money, but I can't log-in. It's really frustrating More...
    nicelady8818's Picture   nicelady8818    2 Comments   Comments
  • Do Not date MWSS373 on Match.com

    MWSS373 is very romantic, charming, and knows just the right thing to say to you. He makes you feel special and makes you feel like he is the man you have been looking for. He is very good on picking up on things and using them against you later on. Once he gets what he was working for he will do a 180 on you and completely change and stop communication with you completely. I really don't want what happened to me happen to anyone else so please if you see his profile just skip right over it. He is not worth the tears and pain. Since I can't post a picture his... More...
    cnp6988's Picture   cnp6988    1 Comments   Comments
  • Scammed out of money

    BAD Dating site. WHAT A SCAM!!!! Do not even join this site and never hit the subscribe button because they will say you are paying from Paypal for a one month subscription, but end up taking a full year. Then when you try to cancel, you can't because the cancel link button mysteriously stopped working. They also get a hold of your credit card # (from paypal I'm guessing) and use that after you've already cancelled with them 3 times and tell paypal not to let them take money out. Then it goes on your credit card and because of their ridiculous "no refund" policy,... More...
    shayzzee's Picture   shayzzee    0 Comments   Comments
  • Problem with my account

    Joined yesterday and spent hours creating a profile and uploading pictures and paid for a 6 month subscription. This morning my account is somehow blocked - it says there is a problem with my account. I see no reason for a problem... I sent only 2 emails. I have sent an email to resolution@match.com just now and they responded that they will get back to me within 24 hours. That is unacceptable when they approve profiles and pictures within the hour. From looking at this site "a problem with your account" is a common problem and they should figure out what is going wrong... More...

    MATCH.COM LIMITS THE NUMBER OF EMAILS MEMBERS CAN SEND OUT. THEY DON'T SAY IT ANYWHERE BUT YOU ARE LIMITED TO 50 EMAILS SENT PER 24-HR PERIOD SO AFTER THAT, EVEN THOUGH THEIR SITE TELLS YOU YOU SENT AN EMAIL IT WAS NEVER SENT PAST THE 1ST 50 emails. I'm only able to get on the site a few hours a week so for me this is a HUGE RIP-OFF!! And the worst part is that they never tell you that you are being limited to 50 emails per day or I would have never joined. The help desk tells you it's to prevent scammers but THIS SITE IS FULL OF SCAMMERS AND DECOYS!!! ............BEWARE!! More...
    ZIPTAG12's Picture   ZIPTAG12    3 Comments   Comments
  • Stolen Profile

    I paid for 6 months and in less than 1 month someone hacked into my profile, changed my contact and password. I reported this to match.com. I did not receive a response....I contacted them again requesting a refund and that they cancel my profile. Someone is using my profile and my picture to contact other members to scam money from them. The site is not secure and a WARNING needs to go out to all members.......BE VERY CAREFUL. Accounts are being hacked into and being used to contact other members with the intention of scamming money. More...
    Invaded's Picture   Invaded    5 Comments   Comments
  • Dating

    dear sir or madam i have paid £59 60 which was deducted from my bank account on the 16th august 2011 but i still cannot send any emails it just keeps bringing up the screen to pay why is that as i am getting nothing for my money my user name is not accepting me but my password is ok now so could you please sort it out if not i will ask the bank too reclaim the money many thanks norman More...
    normanclark53's Picture   normanclark53    1 Comments   Comments
  • scam artists

    DO NOT USE MATCH.COM !! Yes, I got scammed by a fat cat corporate consumer rip-off corporation named Match.com for $101.94 and I have NO recourse, and neither will you. Turns out, THEY HAVE CREDIT CARD COMPANIES ON THEIR SIDE, AND THEY MAKE MILLIONS RIPPING PEOPLE OFF WITH DIRECT LIES AND DECEIVING BILLING TERMS. They are professionals at it, just do a web search and you will find cases across countless consumer rip-off websites. I was a member for 1 year, that was my whole hearted effort to “really” try it out. I was recently auto billed for a full priced 6 month... More...
  • Billing fraud/ company arrogance

    Several years ago I joined Match.com and they charged my credit card without my permission for renewal and I had to fight for a refund. They then continued to post my information, after it had expired. It was very difficult to rech the company. I was very specific when I signed up again recently, this time they charged me for 6 months when I only signed up for three months. I called Match.com and they refused to address the issue, I asked for a manager, but was put on hold for an indefinite amount of time. So, I filed a billing complainet with my credit card company. I called Match. com a... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    UFedup2's Picture   UFedup2    1 Comments   Comments
  • match.com never again

    I paid for a 6 month subscription with match.com, had a decent experience, but was waiting for my subscription to run out and to then try another site. Conveniently (for its bottom line if not public reputation) match.com did not send me a reminder or notice that my subscription had expired. Instead they just charged my credit card for $108 for another 6 month subscription. I was unhappy that they had automatically charged me, but stunned that when I called they wouldn't reverse the charge, or even reduce the amount to what it would cost for the month and a half that I had access to... More...
    matchnomore's Picture   matchnomore    0 Comments   Comments
  • Match.com complaint review

    I joined Match.com and subscribed for 1 month. If Match.com was a reputable company, they would do the honorable thing and cancel a person's subscription after the one month period ends. This is not the case. Match.com does not cancel your subscription but continues to bill you month after month until you manually go into your account and cancel it yourself. After being billed for a second month, I called up customer service and explained to them that I only signed up for 1 month and did not wish to be billed for another month. I continued to ask that my money from the second... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    briankap1's Picture   briankap1    1 Comments   Comments
  • My account

    I have had a problem all morning trying to get into Match.com. First they said I had the wrong user name and password. I got that reply back and it was the same as I had been giving. Now the message comes up saying "there is a problem with my account". What is the problem? I did cancel my account because of the first problem, but the second problem existed first. Can you help so I can use Match.com? Bill8356 More...
    Bill8356's Picture   Bill8356    4 Comments   Comments

www.match.com Reviews By Product

www.match.com Comments

punygladiator says: (3 years ago)
To : legal department of Match.com

I have received the folowing e-mail from Match.com

Dear assdollah,

We were recently made aware of inappropriate correspondence sent to another Match.com member, which violates our Terms of Use agreement. Unfortunately, if this type of correspondence continues, we will be forced to terminate your Match.com membership. Please know that if Match.com terminates your membership due to violation of our Terms of Use, you will not be entitled to a refund of any unused membership fees.

We appreciate your understanding of our dedication to maintaining a site that requires respectful correspondence between members. Due to our privacy practices, Match.com cannot disclose specifics regarding the email. Should you like to obtain additional information, a valid subpoena directed to Match.com, LLC would be required.

For reference, our Terms of Use can be referenced at the following link: http://www.match.com/registratweenion/membagr.aspx .


After reviewing A/M e-mail and since i am still officially a member of Match.com until February 15 , 2015 i would like an explanation from Match.com . You have the record of each individual member and know exactly how many e-mails are sent between members each day .

As a member i know the content of all the e-mails i have sent to all other Match.com members and i can assure you that there has been no offenses from my part . I am also ready to apologize to any person who has been offended by my friendly e-mails .

I am not however pleased with Match.com approach with the A/M e-mail and i feel that you are discriminating between your members but that s not my concern either . I have stopped sending any e-mails out since i am afraid that i may offend some one . I am therefore asking you to be kind enough to eihter :

1 ) Refund my money


2 ) Explain to me to which member i was offensive and what exactly offended her so that i do not repeat my offensive act . Perhaps then i could apologize to her .


3 ) Match.com would send me an apology

Wish to hear from you

Masoud Rezai

Jacey says: (5 years ago)
Match.com is AWFUL! I tried it a few times and all with the same results - guys looking to get laid and not at all searching for a relationship. You can find the same dirtbags on free sites. Match has totally become a sex site only.

jolene says: (5 years ago)
i have a problem with my account i can't log on

froggygirl says: (6 years ago)
I am so pissed off with this site I will NEVER sign up for match.com again. I forgot my password and do you think its easy to get help in finding out what my password is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I have been trying for 2 days.

gridirongirl says: (6 years ago)
i'm currently trying the site because i've heard so many people have had success. i don't know who these people are, but i'm sure not finding it to work as advertised! you can read about some of my adventures at: www.theperpetualbachelorette.wordpress.com

chris00230 says: (7 years ago)
Match.com is mostly full of women who have no desire at all in dating. They are just there for ego boosts, and like the attention. The ones who are not there for attention are just scammers. Here is an example http://www.match.com/profile/showProfile.aspx?uid=L4tPOybka8NlrfR4ml28jw==&handle=BDTV290491&tp=S&pn=1&rn=4&do=2&lid=18

I reported this profile 2 weeks ago, and it's still there. She has her age as 28, but in the text she says she's 20. The person also repeats the sentence twice, making me think whomever posted this doesn't speak English and realize what they did.

But doesn't seem to matter, Match lets that profile remain.

rclark23 says: (7 years ago)
Beautifully said, Are You Aware of a dating Service that Will Notify You to Extend Service and will Freeze Account until Notified Otherwise?? And I Would Add as a Custom Home Designer for 38 Years, Since when is it Ethical For A Company Serving as a Internet --Computer-- "Dating Service" Provider Allowed to PRACTICE Contractually Scamming their Customers; Into Believing it is Acceptable to Even ASS-ume We have Given Permission to Hack/STEAL From our Hard Earned Money from Our Supposedly Secure Bank Accounts, WITHOUT our Said or "CONFIRMED Consent", Or as Your Said BuulShit Contract Response Saying;; ((Opp"$")) ((They told me that they have no way of keeping track))(MY ASS) They DAMN SURE Have A WAY of ((ROBBING)) your PRIVATE BANK ACCOUNT!! ((WITHOUT MY VERBAL nor SIGNATURE OF One's CONSENT; IT SEEMS! 1984 Was Not Supposed to be an Instruction Manual!! 2+2=5
Seem's to me we have An 8000lb Elephant in the Room ((As Usual)I haven't Subscribed Yet, But What I do Wish is that you Could View Profiles there Without Notifying said Profile unless YOU ((CHOOSE)) To Let Her Profile You Viewed it, as I have been Curious BUT NOT INTERESTED ON SO ---MANY--- For my Intention was to Never Give a Womens Channel I Thought I was INTERESTED, UNLESS I Chose to tag/click Her Profile That I was TRULY INTERESTED, in Letting Her Know I Viewed her Profile and Left Interested.
Since When Did We Give Anyone ACCESS To Our PRIVATE Bank Accounts, Without CHECKING AND --CONFIRMING-- WITH ME/USa FIRST--
"The Great Enemy of the Truth is very often not the LIE, Deliberate, Contrived and DISHONEST, but the Myth, Persistent, Persuasive and Unrealistic."
John F. Kennedy

Paul6763 says: (7 years ago)
I cant get in with my password that i have ,you sent me back my password and stills doesnt work. Now it says i got a problem with my account which i cant fix because my paasword wont let me in. YOn dont even post a toll free # so people can get things fix so lets work together get this fix OK. On Match .com

DIMPLESRIN says: (7 years ago)
after two days I can't log on to my account-have been emailing match.com to no avail- glad I didn't give them my credit card!!!

PisstOffRican says: (8 years ago)
I have been a member of Match.Com since it was Love aol and today I get an email that my profile is under review. Now I have been online in a long time and I am just recently single so I go and it doesnt work at all. I cant even log on at all, and I call there customer service and they I am under review. Like what the hell is that mean? So I called them and said to delete my account if they don't have to give me a reason I don't have to be on there site...

ysdave8it says: (8 years ago)
what is the problem with my account.I can't get into the membership seach dave

123qwe says: (8 years ago)
Since Match.com changed their format where the member can send an email, but the receiver cannot read it unless they are a member, it's horrible. With my membership, I can tell if someone reads my email. I am finding it is rarely read. That tells me there are a ton of non-paying "members" on this site. I view that as a bait and switch technique worthy of notifying the Consumer Protection Agency about. I am deeply dissatisfied with my service!

Karina6839 says: (8 years ago)
I sent photos via email, asked to have them posted it has been 8 days and I have received nothing from you.

abcde123 says: (8 years ago)
sfuky39 : you have to send it through an email message.

dn1969flame: if you think she's a scammer call customare care and report her, they'll block her

misaacso81 says: (8 years ago)
my account is not working

carefubenjamin says: (8 years ago)
there is a problem with my account

charly225 says: (9 years ago)
I have problems with my account

sfuky39 says: (9 years ago)
Do I send a e-mails to resoutions@support.match.com or look you up on the internet? Because I have a problem with my membership. And how can I fix it.

dn1969flame says: (9 years ago)
What do you know about Rebecca Serafin? Is she a scammer?

dn1969flame says: (9 years ago)
I have recieved contcts from rebecca Serafin. She is now in turkey and wants me to send her money. Is she a scammer? Have you had any compaints about her before?

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